• To develop and promote all aspects of Para Taekwondo without discrimination of any kind, in close co-operation with key partners and major associates
  • Elaborate Para Taekwondo as a sport with natural and universal values of competition, effort and character-building, well-being and fair play
  • To inspire all walks of life in the ongoing pursuit and achievement of excellence and to carry it over into their life styles
  • Setting a stage for all to witness the courage of Taekwondo Athletes with disabilities overcoming their difficulties and challenges with strength and dignity
  • Promoting the universal ideals of Taekwondo as the source of inspiration as each participant demonstrates vivid testimony to the nobility of human spirit
  • To provide everyone with disabilities the greatest opportunities to participate in the martial art of Taekwondo
    Create positive experiences and memories and benevolent journey for all participants in all events, games and championships
  • To leave a Taekwondo legacy
  • To establish and become an official sport in the Paralympic Games in addition to other Para/Adapted Multi-Games such as Global Games, Deaflympics, Wheelchair World Games, etc.